27 Days of Change | Practice Periods

The Practice Periods are a 6-point, 360 degree personal change program that helps you examine your relationship to yourself, your community, and the world. Offered seasonally, three times a year (Fall, Winter, and Spring), they consist of 27 days of daily inner practice in the midst of our urban lives.

Practice Periods are 27-day periods of urban-based intensive practice towards inner change. The establishment of a strong container for setting and observing our relationship to intentions during the Practice Periods supports individuals in reflection while in the midst of their lives.

The semi-retreat environment  and strong practice container created during the Practice Periods supports social change/justice practitioners in participating in a demanding practice schedule and reflection while in the midst of their lives. A 360º 6-point program of intentions, modeled on the traditional Buddhist paramitas, or transcendental virtues, are set in the following areas:

1) giving through volunteer service

2) ethics of reducing harm to environment

3) re-examining and reclaiming relationships through patience

4) behavior change through applied daily effort

5) increasing personal practice of meditation

6) cultivating wisdom by letting go of attainment.

The Intentions support practitioners in effecting change in their lives through relationship to self, community, loved ones and the earth through inner, outer and practical work.


The 27 Days | Practice Period container encourages us  through deep practice to:

Seed more solutions rather than aggression

Deepen connection rather than separation

Cultivate sustainability rather than burnout


“When work for a more just, equitable and sustainable

society is championed by individuals and organizations

that cultivate compassion and presence as much as they do

strategies and campaigns, potential for real transformation,

both personal and social, — Transformative Change — Begins…

— angel Kyodo williams, Guiding Teacher, Center for Transformative Change


The 27 Days of Change container supports participants in developing presence–the continuous, moment-to-moment practice of being in relationship with every aspect of our lives, which helps us unite our good intentions to BE the change we wish to see, by adding the practical aspect of helping folks to figure out HOW.