presence project

Presence Project: Transforming Social Justice Moment-to-Moment

Presence Project is a multi-pronged campaign to catalyze a broad-based paradigm shift in work for progressive social change to fundamentally value compassion, balance and sustainability. It makes the case for “presence” as the essential skill required for the work of social transformation in an engaging, viral format. Presence is the required precedent for all that we truly want for the work of progressive social change to finally express itself as a tangible, evolutionary leap towards transformation.

Defined as “the moment-to-moment practice of being in relationship to one’s life as it unfolds,” presence to oneself and others is the required capacity that must be recognized, practiced and cultivated to be available to anything else that might follow, but is simultaneously an end in itself. The tour is an effort to capture the extraordinary power of personal practice and responsibility that results from presence and embed it into the fabric of work for social change as the cultural norm.

Who's Driving Change Promo If YOU are not driving your life…Who’s Driving Change?


Who’s Driving  Change?”  is a key initiative of the Presence Project. WDC is a national tour aimed at social justice organizations, designed to raise awareness about the relationship of individual-to-social transformation.

Who’s Driving  Change?” is a new media experience designed to capture the imagination of progressive activists and inspires them to take a new, deeper look at their inner lives.