Transformative Change (XC) was founded in 2000 by author/activist Rev. angel Kyodo williams as a response to the need for more grounded, sustainable approaches to peace, justice and broad-based social change.

Originally started in New York City, the organization then known as the New Dharma Community held weekly gatherings that offered basic instruction in meditation and helped connect that practice to the daily lives of a diverse group of people. The success of the New York Circle became the inspiration for offering that practice on a larger scale.

In December 2003, a few months after co-teaching back-to-back African-American and People of Color meditation retreats at Northern California’s renowned Spirit Rock Meditation Center, Rev. williams was compelled to move to the San Francisco Bay Area to open a center of operations. She saw the Bay Area’s long standing twin cultures of social change work and mind-body awareness practices as a unique opportunity to bring these two commonly discrete areas together.

Once here, she began the New Dharma Meditation Center for Urban Peace, home to a spirit-centered “transformative practice community” rooted in the practice of meditation. New Dharma supported mainly people of color in their meditation, yoga, and inner awareness practices.

After  three years, New Dharma shut their doors to re-vision, and at that time they determined that their approach to spiritual practice wasn’t enough to change the world. Instead, they decided to invest in changing the WAY change is done by bridging inner awareness and social justice and offering practices such as yoga and meditation to activists, allies, and agents of change.

Currently known as Transformative Change (XC), the organization offers trainings in yoga, meditation and 3|One. The trainings are specifically designed for those in the social change and social justice movements. XC envisions people taking those practices out into their organizations and communities and transforming movements for justice and progressive social change.

“If we want to bear witness to the sea change towards lasting, sustainable, social transformation, we cannot afford to consider doing inner work to be a choice for those that do social work. We must make them synonymous. It is the inner life of the individual that expresses itself through community, and communities give rise to society.”
— angel Kyodo williams, Founder