Embodied Tranformative Leadership

“Without inner change, there can be no outer change, without social change, no change matters.”
— angel Kyodo williams


Inclusive. Decisive. Collaborative.

In these times of great challenge, organizations, institutions and communities invested in progressive social change that are looking to take their work to the next level, need to do more with less.

We now realize that while attention to strategy and campaign execution is a marker of success on an external level, traditional means of operating and management are dramatically less effective, resulting in decreased productivity and eventual turnover. Investing in the “whole person” of each staff member assures inspired connection to mission, resilience, and long-term stability. These are precursors to success at every level in a social justice organization—but most especially in times of challenge.

Staff acquisition, especially core leadership, is costly. Empowering staff through self development creates a thriving workforce, thereby dramatically increasing productivity and staff retention, with reduced costs and an overall more healthy organizational culture being the outcome.

Developing leadership competencies is the most cost-effective way to maximize existing resources: accomplish more with less, strengthen team’s connection to mission and secure the most significant investment your organization has already made: in its people.

Healthy, whole, skillful people are more effective.

But as seasoned executives know, leadership trainings are not created equal. The impact of most are either shallow, short-lived or simply fail.

Embodied Transformative Leadershp is Transformative Change’s signature system of training moving you, your team, your coalition and your community from breakdown to breakthrough. Starting with a foundation of developing embodied leadership skills to synergistic team-building to discovering the nuances and art of becoming truly transformative.

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