founder & senior fellow

Dubbed “the most vocal and most intriguing African-American Buddhist in America,” by Library Journal, Rev. angel Kyodo williams is a maverick spiritual teacher, adviser and friend to many. She is the founder of Center for Transformative Change and the author of the critically acclaimed book, Being Black: Zen and the Art of Living with Fearlessness and Grace, which has been hailed as “a classic” by Buddhist teacher Jack Kornfield, and “an act of love” by novelist Alice Walker. williams is a social visionary that sees Transformative Social Change: applying inner awareness practice to broad-based social change, as America’s next great movement. Calling for a paradigm shift that “changes the way change is done,” angel envisions the building of a presence-centered social justice movement as the foundation for personal freedom, a just society and the healing of divisions of race, class, faith and politic. She notes, “Without inner change, there can be no outer change. Without collective change, no change matters.” Read more…

 director of practice

Karen Muktayani “Muki” Villanueva, RN, BSN is the current Director of Practice.  She graduated from Humboldt State University, with a baccalaureate degree in Nursing and a minor degree in Studio Art. As an emergency and critical care RN, Muki has practiced in a number health care settings including ball parks, homeless clinics, airplanes, and prisons. Her social justice work has included working with and advocating for at-risk populations, those that traditionally have less access to health care, and those clients that are likely to ‘fall through the cracks.’

As CXC’s Director of Practice, Muki acts as an exemplar of deep practice, a dedicated practitioner whose outer justice work is unequivocally influenced directly by her inner justice work and years of service in the New Dharma Community. Muki has a keen interest in supporting folks towards their own healing, their own wholeness, their own freedom, and considers it an absolute (and intimate) privilege and honor to witness and encourage transformation and the transformative process, up close and personal.

Muki is one of the trainers in fearlessMeditation, a certified and registered fearlessYoga Teacher, and a regular contributor to transform. She stewards the 27 Days of Change Practice Periods and is currently studying Conscious Embodiment with Wendy Palmer, a body of work that she is looking forward to making available to nurses and social justice activists.

 media communications steward

Zochi Alonzo Young is the media communications steward. He has a variety of skills in the areas of media, photography and graphic design production. His diverse background and experiences include those of an entrepreneur, business consultant, and software/web/international project manager. As a project manager and consultant he’s assisted companies such as  Apple, Liquid Audio, WorldPoint International and Nike with local and international projects.

Zochi also has a long history of practice with martial arts, and he holds black belts in both aikido and kenpo. In addition, he practices, studies and teaches taijiquan as a transformative practice for inner change and social change.  He has a deep investment in the welfare and well-being of young people who have been cast aside by our current social paradigm.

 editor transform.

Simha E. Stubblefield, MA is the editor for the transform. journal. She has a master’s degree in English: creative writing and published short stories in literary magazines, worked as a freelance copywriter, assisted writers in developing their manuscripts, and taught elementary school, middle school, and community college, often educating students about inequality and historic injustice.

Simha’s currently the editor for the transform. journal, gathering stories, writing stories and searching for those whom she can include in that process. She has been with Center for Transformative Change since 2004.

communications and events steward

Kimberly Monique King is the communications and events steward. As the Communications Steward, Kim is responsible for creating a strong organizational presence, internal and external communications and media/content management. As the Events Steward she is responsible for scheduling special events and coordinating rental promotion. She is also the registration coordinator for fearlessYOGA Teacher Training.

Kim holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration and two Masters degrees in Marketing Management and Leadership. Before coming to the Center she worked for the US Postal Service for 10 years. She has skill sets in facilitation, organizational management, social media/marketing, promotions and event coordination.
grounds keeper & live steward

Chuck Courts is the grounds keeper and live steward for the Center for Transformative Change. As Live Steward, Chuck is responsible for the day-to-day aspects of living at the center, including clean-up/chores, communal living etiquette, computer/information Technology infrastructure, maintenance and repair, new resident orientations and exit walkthroughs. Additionally, Chuck supports all of the social justice  activities of the center. He is also the project manager for the peaceWELL Project.

Chuck holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Electronic Engineering and has extensive experience in the design and development of real-time control systems for semi-conductor wafer processing as well as project management and software product quality assurance experience.



fearlessYOGA steward

chandra thuy tran is the fearlessYOGA steward. She is the first person to be certified as a fearlessYOGA Teacher. Having been involved with the development of fearlessYOGA since its beginning, she is honored to offer fearlessYOGA and send it out into the world.

 chandra shares fearlessYoga in the hopes that people can learn about and deepen their connection with themselves and thus with everything. Seeking to be of service to something much larger than all of us through practicing fearlessYOGA, she inspires people towards the inner transformation necessary to facilitate outer transformation.

When she’s not teaching fearlessYOGA, chandra allows herself to be a channel for beauty and expression. She is the owner and designer of moonaheart, a new line of bold unexpected layerings of color, pattern, and texture expressed in re-fashioned accessories and clothing.